If you are searching for table saws for sale in the Phoenix or Mesa area, Timber Woodworking and supplies can help! We offer many types of used table saws from some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry.

*Disclaimer – The products listed below represent our current inventory as of 2/20/2020. If you are reading this after that date, some of the saws below may be sold already. It’s always best to check our used equipment page for our current table saws we have in stock.

10 Inch Table Saw Grizzly
  • Cab Saw 10×25 1.5/1 RT Grizzly
  • Model: G1022 [Grizzly]
  • S/N: 004400
  • 10″ Cabinet Saw w/25″ Fence Right Tilt
  • 1.5hp; 1ph; 110/220volt
10 Inch Table Saw Powermatic
  • Cab Saw 10×52 3/1 LT PM2000
  • Model: 1791999 PM2000
  • S/N: 100120005996
  • 10″ Saw w/52″ Fence; Left Tilt
  • 3hp, 1ph, 230volt
10 Inch Table Saw Rigid
  • Contractors Saw 10″ w/Mobile Base Rigid
  • Model: R4512 [Rigid]
  • S/N: EM152972322
  • w/Mobile Base; Inserts; Miter Gauge; Dado Set
  • 13Amp; 1Ph; 120Volt
10 Inch Table Saw Powermatic 2
  • Cabinet Saw 10 x 52 3/1 Left Tilt PM66
  • Model: PM66 [Powermatic]
  • S/N: 93661956
  • Left Tilt w/Router Table & Router
  • 3Hp; 1Ph; 240Volt
6 to 7 Inch Table Saw Sears and Roebuck
  • Sears Table Saw 6-7″ w/stand; 2-sided with table; 1/2hp, 1ph, 115v; NO fence; Accessories: sanding disc
Table Saw LRH
  • Magic Molder Head w/ 5/8″ bore with 2 cutter sets and fence. All by LRH.
  • Cutters are P-35 [Double Flute] and P-34 [Double Bead] profiles.
12 Inch Table Saw Macchine Casadei
  • Table Saw 12″ Sliding Macchine Casadei; Model: KS/1200 (eme) [Macchine Casadei America]; S/N: 87-49-104; 14amp 3ph 220volt; 49″ Cross Cut
Table Saw Woodmaster
  • Multi-Tool 5 in 1 Woodmstr; Model: MultiTool [Wood Master];S/N: 2813099
  • 5 in 1 Machine w/Table Saw, Drill; 2hp, 1ph, 115volt
10 Inch Table Saw Delta
  • Cab Saw 10″ 5/3 Right Tilt w/Mobile Base Delta
  • Model: 34-807 Unisaw [Delta]
  • S/N: 90H55533
  • w/Mobile Base
  • 5Hp; 3Ph; 208Volt